Friday, February 5, 2010

Of the types of traddies...

I was recently doorstepped after Mass by a couple that I have recently become aware of. They are a particular type of traddy that I really must catalogue and describe in my forthcoming publication 'Traddies Great and Small- an annotated guide for the apoplectic'. You see this type of traddy collects clergy. Some traddies are satisfied with arcane ecclesastical books (tempered with a healthy taste for Wedgwood)- others have secret stashes of tat filling entire Church Halls with disused ecclesiastical paraphenalia which has been rescued. However, back to the door steppers. I have come across this type before but not hunting in pairs- that's much rarer. Of course the female of the species (the blue rinsed chasuble chaser) has been a well known pest. She has been known to land her quarry quite on her own. The slightly rarer male (the spectacled Macdonald whistler) rarely emerges from it's natural habitat but when united with the female can form quite an quirky pair. Strangely enough their methods of entrapment are not particularly subtle and the wily cleric, unless he is extraordinarily hungry, can outwit them without great effort. Further entries for the guide are very welcome.


  1. In this case it was continual needless phone calls and an outright demand to know where the priest was at all times. Aggh!


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