Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jubal's Review

I've tried in several ways, over the years, to promote the work of living composers of sacred Latin music. Largely I think I've failed. It seems that  whilst there are plenty of publishers and websites promoting the work of others the traditional Catholic composer has been pretty much left to fend for themselves. To try and redress the balance I'm 'piloting'  Jubal's Review which, although interested in all Latin text liturgical music, will concentrate on current composers, and their work, through reviews, interviews, short articles and links to the pages that these brave souls maintain. I'm not particularly attached to the format, or the name for that matter, and any suggestions and contributions would be very welcome. Because of the legal issues in music copyright the comments will be moderated. I also hope to build a team of contributors for those areas in which I have little expertise. You can find the page here.


  1. Btw Fr. Raven: how come you have not added Oxford and Birmingham Oratory to your list of safer places on the side bar? The Holy Name in Manchester is also a beacon of sanity I hear.

  2. Thank you Hestor. Additions made on your advice.

  3. No worries - they were only offered in way of suggestion.

    PS: here are some funny Google side adverts on your blog - not edifying for us maniple-obsessed trads! ;-)


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