Saturday, October 1, 2011

A silent backlash?

Could I beg your prayers for some of my clergy friends at the moment. The world of the cleric is not without a degree of 'tit for tat' going on. One in particular is being targeted by his superiors who are trying to effectively silence what has been faithful and quite effective preaching over some years. The superiors have got tired of the complaints letters and seem to be resorting to all sorts of tactics to get him out of the way. Another has complained about the actions of his superiors and is facing an onslaught from ecclesiastics higher up the food chain on the grounds of disobedience and lack of community spirit. A third is just so weary of the constant need to justify perfectly orthodox opinions that he's beginning to question his own judgement. In all three cases these men are being isolated by what seems to be a silent backlash which knows that it can't openly dispute the current good things that are being promoted but do know that they have the means to at least limit the amount of priests that will actively promote them.

One could hope that this is the beginning of an 'end game' when those who outwardly appear quite sound are very scared of what's going on in the younger eschelons of the clergy and want to maintain the status quo of a rather grey and dreary compromise with the world. You get hints on the surface of this battle when you read the letters to the editor in some publications. Unfortunately the more damaging tactics are being played out at a deeper level by those who have publically sworn to defend the faith. The saddest thing is that many of them actually believe that they are defending the faith. Generally they think in terms of there only having been one Vatican Council and that earlier councils are just too imbued with the cultural baggage of their own times to be any use today.

None of the fellows I mentioned above are 'high fliers' by the way. They don't undertake big preaching tours or oversee international ministries. No criticism is implied here. But these unknown 'little' men are just quiet 'plodders' getting on with the day to day business of being a priest. They are vulnerable, few will know that they are in difficulties, and they face a very uncertain future palmed off as 'unsuitable' by the use of under hand tactics.

Orate fratres!


  1. is with regret that i read your lines concerning these good priests.they speak the truth of the catholic faith ,often against the venom of the world .our superiors in church office are a disgrace -some of them anrway.they should defend our faithful priests not discipline them.god bless you .philip johnson.

  2. One wonders what is wrong with the higher ups.

    Currently, my marriage request has been put on hold for 4 months now. I merely asked for the authorization to invite a priest to celebrate the EF at a church, and the matter has turned into an authorization for marriage! They won't even start the canonical process! And if that wasn't enough, now I am forced to go to the episcopal curia to give detailed information about the priest who will be presiding at the wedding.

  3. The good news is that there are several bishops coming up for retirement in the next twelve months. Let us hope for better things from their successors.

    It is not commonly known that every Catholic has the right to write to the Nuntio suggesting names to be put on the turna that he will submit to Rome. So if you know of a good and well qualified priest that you think would make an effective bishop, send his name to the nuntio.

  4. Kyrie eleision. Christi eleision. Kyrie eleision.

    'Where there is no great mortification there is no great sanctity.'

    St. Philip Neri

    Inspirational Quotes from the Saints

  5. Bully for you, youngman for your candor, your righteous indignation, your request for prayers for a priest, and other priests!


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